About Us



Annie Scott is the owner and creator of Lollies Loves.  Lollies hair ties were created by accident in 2012 during a swimwear photoshoot.  While they were merely meant to add color to an otherwise black color palette, the attention that Lollies received was overwhelming, and an amazing addition to the world of hair ties was born. 

In 2017, Annie made a huge life change by moving from California back to her hometown of Sarasota, FL with her new husband and dog.  This transition led her to jump into a new project that had been in the back of her head since high school - an expansion of the old Lollies website to now include a collection of her favorite things.

From beach blankets discovered in Sayulita, Mexico to tassels of all sorts, the collection is reflective of both Annie's love of elevated design in everyday products and of all things tropical.